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Residential buildings that promote sharing

Imagine a home that is more than its building. Imagine a community that is built by the people, for its people. Welcome to a new way of living - your well-equipped private space that perfectly marries with communal spaces to invite creativity, work and leisure. Enjoy fair rent, peace of mind and unparalleled maintenance as you experience a sense of belonging in the big city.

Communit makes it happen. Communit makes it home.



Every day starts with home. Communit units provide a private shower and toilet along with a common spaces that offers an opportunity to share experiences with one another, at every individual’s discretion.


Come together, on your own time. The common areas offer the perfect place to create, work or eat in the company of the community. You always have the choice to share time with each other as the lights are always on!


Every being affects another. Communit supports sustainability and promotes an environment of social involvement. From communal roof gardens to public art shows, the neighborhood comes together to support individuals and communal propositions.


It’s your place to create. Our public spaces’ ambience and design support our tenants to be able to turn their visions into reality. Whether the space is used as an art studio, a DIY zone, or just a bright room to get work done on your computer, Communit cares about your creations.


The Communit Factor

Neighborhood Connection 

Our public spaces are made to be part of the neighborhood. Some of the spaces, like the roof and the courtyard, are intended not only for residents but also for neighbors and local initiatives. They breed connection and help to communities grow.

Continuous Activity

With street-level activities taking place right outside tenants’ doorsteps, the residential building always has something going on. Not only does this bring people together, but it also makes for a safer environment as security is inherently heightened.

Bustling Community

Feel the energy within the community as the common spaces in the building invite meetings and communication. The Community Manager is always available to help tenants, support initiatives and promote activity.

Live without worry as your one time payment includes all accounts and maintenance. Gain back your time to be spent on aspects of life that are really important.

Cultural Cultivation
The space is meant to create opportunities for artists and cultural figures alike to be able to build, create, express and share their vision and products with the community.

Fair Rent

Lock in your living at a fair cost and peacefully enjoy knowing conditions in advance. Plus, receive quick responses to any problems or requests that may arise.

Our Projects

Neve Sha’anan


Kiryat Shalom

Tel Aviv




Kiryat Eliezer





Our Story

Eitan Serber and Shay Am-Shalem met about a decade ago while earning their Master’s Degree in Urban Planning at Technion. During their studies, they began to develop ideas for an innovative residential living model. Upon graduation, they gained professional experience - Eitan served as Head of Planning for Urban Renewal whereas Shay served as Project Manager.


In 2017, the pair turned their dream into a reality and established their partnership to create Communit. Along their journey, they won first place in an Entrepreneurial Program led by the Haifa Municipality. After conducting market research and creating a comprehensive study on Cooperative Housing and Coliving, they took a professional tour abroad, served as consultants and lectured within the field.

Beita Group Partnership

In 2018, the two joined forces with Beita, a unique real estate development firm that operates on the tenets of shared value, both socially and in a business sense. Communit (Communit Coliving Ltd.) was created as a development and management arm within the cooperative housing model. Communit’s debut project is located in South Tel Aviv with another springing to life in Kiryat Eliezer, Haifa. Communit promises to develop XX units and counting thereafter.


In the Press


Shay and Eitan were chosen for the 100 most influential people in The Marker magazine for 2018. "The concept of cooperative living challenges the conventional thinking of properties and rentals, and encourages developers and large cities to reexamine the traditional model of residential ownership. For cities with experience in urban renewal projects, this style of residence creates many social networking opportunities and a charm for the younger generation."

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